MyHashFlare ICO

Last Update 9 months ago


At MyHashFlare, we believe in turning renewable green energy into cryptocurrency by means of crypto mining. Crypto mining is highly profitable when done on a large scale basis and it is essentially turning electricity into digital assets. In today’s environment, Crypto mining is done globally. What we offer is an eco-friendly, sustainable and renewable energy powered form of mega crypto mining, in an environmentally stable country with no risks of natural disasters.


We have the professionals in each of their fields working together to enhance earnings by improvement of both software and hardware. We aim to create products that has cashflows generated in every aspect, thus allowing a very financially sound ecosystem, with our ultimate goal of being to create a cryptocurrency that has a dividend and one that is fungible.


The basis of the MyHashFlare business model is the MyHashFlare (MHF) Token. Each MHF Token represents membership in the MyHashFlare Community and a share in the output of the best crowdfunded bitcoin mining centres money can buy. MyHashFlare will be crowdfunded through the distribution of MHF Tokens following an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The maximum amount to be raised (the so-called “Hard Cap”) during the first MyHashFlare Crowdsale shall be the equivalent in Ether (ETH) of USD 200 million. The minimum (so-called “Soft Cap”) shall be 3 million. Eighty two (82) percent of MHF Tokens issued will be available for acquisition by the public during the Crowdsale, which will begin Q4 2019 and last up to 90 days or until the Hard Cap is reached, if sooner. The remaining eighteen (18) percent of MHF Tokens will be reserved as follows: 2 percent for the ICO Bounty Program, 6 percent for Research and Development, and 10 percent for the Founding (Management) Team. A Pre-ICO will start next year, if the community keep growing and reach the potentional to start the project. Using the funds raised during the Crowdsale, the MyHashFlare Management Team will purchase and set up the most advanced mining equipment available on the market (currently, the Ebang Ebit Miner E10) in one or more mining centres. If the Soft Cap is met, MyHashFlare will continue with the mining operations within 3–5 months of the ICO.

Overview & Outlook

Capital gain in value of cryptocurrencies will accrue every year. Bitcoin has grown tremendously throughout the past 6 years and shows no sign of slowing down nor stopping.
Advertising and referral fees from our marketplace platform in which will allow users to browse and purchase investments, build their portfolios and monitor them in real time.
Our goal is to continue expanding the mines and compete with Russia and China in the global crypto mining race. We still believe that we are in the early stages of crypto mining, though the difficulties might increase, so will the values of the cryptocurrencies themselves and as well as the emerging new forks from the existing ones. Crypto mining is and always will be an essential part of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology in which all of them are based on. In the future, we would want to enable our token holders to use their tokens as a form of bond asset or collateral to attain credit line or credit for any reasons they so wish. A cryptocurrency backed with a source of dividends and income. Creating fungibility with our tokens is our ultimate goal.
The interest and demand for crypto currencies is reaching an all time high across the world, as more and more people are becoming familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency and all underlying technologies. One of the most accessible ways to get involved in the crypto world and acquire crypto assets is mining. Currently there are 3 types of crypto mining solutions that are available on the market:

- Home Mining

- Cloud Mining

Building a Proprietary Mining Facility

The first two options are intended for private party mining operations, while the latter is designed for businesses. However, all of the options are associated with corresponding risks and have their disadvantages including:

Home mining is costly and demanding:
- High electricity cost
- Constant noise and heat, which many find objectionable
- Large space allocation required for miners
- Need for constant attention to keep the miners running at maximum efficiency

Cloud mining is opaque and might contain many hidden costs:
- No knowledge of their equipment’s brand name, model number, serial number
- Lack of information on power efficiency and consumption
- No breakdown of costs
- Most often no disclosure of mining pool or even the location of the facility

Mining facility is costly and requires expert knowledge to operate:
- Large investment needed to set up the operation
- Significant number of professionals are required to maintain the full sized farm
MyHashFlare Mining provides an opportunity for the token holders to become part of the mining family and further expand the existing, profitable mining operation to reach up to 20 MW capacity. MyHashFlare will run diversified mining equipment - both ASICs and GPU rigs, in order to mitigate the risks and market volatility of certain coins. Instead of offering the investment opportunity to the few large investors, MyHashFlare ICO allows the individuals interested in cryptocurrency mining to enter the mining operation and share the profits of the future operation.
MyHashFlare plans to purchase the best available mining equipment (ASICs and GPUs) available at the market at the end of ICO. However, what differentiates us from other mining farms is the technology used for cooling and energy efficiency. MyHashFlare plans to install cutting edge cooling and wiring solutions to optimize the costs and to ensure maximum profitability.